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A2Zworksheets : benifits for Parents and Teachers

Creative and Printable worksheets for kids.

Useful for both for Students/Parents and Teachers.

Worksheets for grades from Kindergarten to sixth grade.



Subjects covered:-

Hindi worksheets
English Worksheets
Maths Worksheets
Science worksheets
General Awareness Worksheets
French Worksheets
Punjabi Worksheets

We are updating worksheets frequently so the users can get new worksheets and get maximum benefits.

Worksheets are segregated by Subjects, Topics, Sub topics and Grades.

Benefits for Students:-

Students cover the topic in school and then they need to revise and practice. They are limited to textbooks and worksheets provided by teachers.
Now you can download the worksheets of the topic and practice and test your self.

You can filter worksheets as per topic and download.

Benefits for Parents:-
Just Print:
You child cover the topic in school and now you want to check his/her understanding of the subject. You can simply download PDF worksheets and print and give it to child.

Summer Vacations:
During summer vacations you want to keep your child busy, you can download worksheets for your child. The worksheets can be sorted by grades and topics. So its easy to find desired worksheets and just print.

Single Subscription for kids:
You have more than one kid then you don’t need to buy different subscriptions. As there is no restriction for Grade or Subject you can download any worksheet which ever is available and with in you subscription Limit.

Benefits for Teachers:-
Editable Worksheets:
We understand busy schedule of teachers, they need to search the text and then search suitable images and then format the worksheet. Now we give a solution where we are providing editable Word document files.
You just need to download edit add/edit as per your requirements and Print.
This will save your time, energy and efforts. There is no restriction for Grade or Subject., you can download the worksheets as per subscription limits.

The subscription is different for Teachers and parents. 

You can view plans in the “My Subscriptions”. The plans will be visible as per your registration.

How to use:-

  1. You need to register yourself (Parent/Teacher)
  2.  You need to verify your Email id which will be sent to you after registration.
  3. Login.
  4. Browse through the Subjects (English, Maths, Hindi, Science, General Awareness, Language)
  5. Select the Topic of the Subject i.e. You have selected English Subject then select topic like Grammar Worksheets, Reading Worksheets, Writing Worksheets, Alphabets Worksheets, Recognition Worksheets.
  6. Select the worksheet and now you can filter the worksheets with sub topics and grades also.
  7. View all the pages of the worksheet and Download the worksheet and Print.
  8. Easy!!


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